A Bonus Comic Book Treatment of Hal Peary and The Great Gildersleeve found in a 1944 comic book.

CoverWe can be pretty sure that Comic Books would have been an important part of young Leroy Forrester's world, as well  that Uncle Mort would yell at him for wasting his time and dimes on them, then read them himself when Leroy or anyone else is looking.

These eight pages were found in the middle of a 1944 edition of "Supersnipe Comics", the imagined adventures of 10 year old Koppy McFad. "Koppy McFad is the kid with the most comic books in America. With these treasures to feed his 10-year old imagination, plus red pajamas and a mask, Koppy pictures himself as the masked avenger Supersnipe—solver of crimes, doer of great deeds, allowed to stay up late and have as much ice cream as he wants. "[REF] This seems like a perfect hero for young Leroy.

"Here's an unexpected find! A comic book story of radio's THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE from a 1944 issue of Street and Smith's delightful SUPERSNIPE COMICS. For no apparent reason, in the middle of one issue there's a two page biography of actor Hal Peary followed by a multi-page Gildy story guest-starring FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY! GCD doesn't even list this story which is signed in one panel by Charles Boland, an artist with whom I'm not familiar at all . With good likenesses of Peary and Jim and Marion Jordan, much of the art appears traced, probably from publicity photos. The rest is pretty standard work with the other characters bearing little resemblance to the actors who played them. I don't know about anyone else but I never envisioned the widow Leila Ransom(e) looking so much like a hot young babe!

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By the way, Longtime Gildy writer John Whedon who is referenced here and on whose radio script this comic is based was the grandfather of geek fave Joss Whedon of Buffy, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse fame!"

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