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Old Time Radio Shows

The Great Gildersleeve Golden Age of Radio Broadcasts

Family Situation Comedy Mass media's first spinoff hit and one of the earliest shows featuring a single man raising kids by himself.

Hal PearyBroadcast history remembers The Great Gildersleeve as the first great spinoff show. But the program is much more than a historical footnote. Even today it is good family entertainment. Some of the conventions will not be familiar to younger audiences (Will kids understand Peavey's Neighborhood Drugstore in the days of the Wal Mart Pharmacy?) But the humor is more timeless than they will expect. Everyone can identify and laugh with Leroy's japes at his older sister's newest boyfriend.

The Great Gildersleeve is timeless situation comedy. The laughs are just as genuine as those on cable television, if not more so. Gildersleeve's love life will be understood by anyone who has ever loved, even if Gildy shares his experience over the radio and not a social networking web-site. It may seem strange to younger audiences that Gildersleeve and his friends get together to sing around a piano, not to play video games.

CDThe world of The Great Gildersleeve is worth exploring, not for historical reference, but for the laughs, and there are lots of laughs to be had! And like a modern Sit Com, it is full of characters that audiences will come to recognize and care for; Gildy, the Jolly Boys, pretty young Marjorie and precocious nephew Leroy (will today's audience see Leroy as a model for Bart Simpson? Listen and decide for yourself.) Through the collection at Old Time Radio we have the opportunity to enjoy situational comedy at its best.

Old Time Radio delivers rare and vintage broadcasts direct from The Great Gildersleeve's popular radio program. Although more than half a century has passed us by, the laughter is still fresh and as funny as when it was first broadcast.  Be a part of history by getting to know history with classic recordings from one of the original Family Situational Comedies, The Great Gildersleeve!

Great Gildersleeve