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All these great Gildersleeve's christmas show and new years recordings and more now on mp3 cd

Great Gildersleeve's Neice

Gildersleeve ChristmasChristmas in Summerfield is special like it is at your house. Of course it had to be extra special in Summerfield, sponsor Kraft foods would insist on that!

The very first season of The Great Gildersleeve was already filled with extra excitement. The 15th episode occurred on Dec 7, 1941, the day of the Pearl Harbor attack. And of course there is the excitement Gildy's first Christmas in a new home. But Wistful Vista isn't forgotten. Gildy is ready to send the present he has found in the discount bin for Fibber McGee when a large package arrives from Wistful Vista. Now embarrassed by the cheap gift he was ready to send and hurries to find a better gift for Fibber. Of course his friend Judge Hooker finds out about the new gift, and thinks it is for him. This leads to a series of "Gift Inflation" that runs hilariously until Fibber's package is opened to reveal Gildersleeve's old lawnmower Fibber had borrowed months ago.

Cousin Octavia Visits (Pearl Harbor Attack Day)
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In 1945 Gildy is determined to have a family Christmas Eve at home, but the kids have other plans. Things eventually go his way, but not without a good deal of confusion and more "Gift Inflation," as well as adventures involving Mrs. Ransom and mistletoe:

1946 Christmas falls on a Gildersleeve broadcast night. And it is going to be a wonderful traditional Christmas, except that Gildy has convinced himself that the Bullard's across the street are having marital problems, and Leroy's friend Craig will spend the holiday alone. And of course Gildy would never spread rumors about them, would he?

The 1948 season starts with the "Mystery Baby" Plot arc. And with a baby in the house Christmas is extra special. Christmas fun begins on a frightening note, on the 8th of December Christmas presents begin to disappear. This leads to fright and confusion, even involving the Summerfield police force. Everyone has forgotten that there is a curious baby in the house. Two weeks later, the family is happily making preparations for the Baby's first Christmas Eve when Judge Hooker presents the baby's missing father. There won't be a dry eye around the radio when we hear Gildersleeve say goodbye to the Baby that has brought so much joy to his world.

The Gildersleeve household was one of the first non-traditional families in broadcast media, with two children being raised by an uncle and no mother and father. This doesn't make Christmas any less special. The true love and happiness we hear in the Gildersleeve household makes it just that more special for us.

Great Gildersleeve