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Get to know the People of Gildersleeve's World

Folks wouldn't be that likely to tune their radios every week to hear the adventures in Summerfield if it wasn't filled with characters they liked and cared about.

The cast is led by The Great Man Himself, Mr. Gildersleeve, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, the town water commissioner, is fond of his cigars, his housekeeper Birdie's cooking, a good song, and the pretty ladies in town.

Of course Gildy's world centers on his little family. There is his nephew, Leroy, always ready with a smart quip to bring his uncle down to earth. Leroy is a typical sling-shot toting, overall wearing, stray dog adopting, cow-lick topped urchin that most parents learn to love (but secretly wish had been drowned at birth!)We know that Leroy is at the center of his Uncle Mort's attention when we hear Gildy yelling "Lerooooyyy!"

Sweet Marjorie grows up before our ears, from a pretty, witty, and popular teen into a serious and responsible young mother of twins.

And of course they have Birdie the house keeper to bring order to the household and quickly deflate her employer's pretensions.

Gildersleeve is a member of the Jolly Boys Club. Crotchety Judge Horace Hooker, wise but wimpy Mr. Peavey the druggist, rough around the edges Floyd the Barber, and kind Police Chief Gates are often involved in Gildersleeve's schemes, but would probably prefer to be drinking Cokes around the piano in the club house above Floyd's Barbershop.

Did we mention the pretty ladies in town? Without Gildersleeve's Women much of the spice would be missing from Gildy's life.

Great Gildersleeve